AN ACTION STAR'S ROOTS: Coach x Michael B. Jordan's Naruto Capsule Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Coach
Coach X Michael B. Jordan denim jacket and belt bag
Coach X Michael B. Jordan 2-in-1 Ma-1 jacket
Coach X Michael B. Jordan nylon jacket in red with Cordura backpack
Coach X Michael B. Jordan T-shirt with anime characters graphic
Coach X Michael B. Jordan nylon hoodie with Naruto insignia
Coach X Michael B. Jordan nylon sweatshirt with cloud motif-emblems
From taking on Black Panther for the Wakandan throne, to throwing out some Rocky-esque punches in Creed, Michael B. Jordan might look (and train) like a total hunk, but in his off-days you might just spot him catching up on his latest anime shows he’s been missing out on lately. After all, what better place to retrieve one's work-out motivation than from ninja warrior Naruto himself? Which is why the long-time anime fan has teamed up with Coach for a special collection of Naruto-inspired fits that will satisfy both your fall streetwear needs and your (not-so-secret) anime nostalgia. Featuring denim jackets embroidered with characters from the iconic anime, sherpa coats, sneaker boots and graphic sweatshirts showcasing the ninja warrior’s Shinobi insignia, it’s a style-studded collection that means you don’t have to be an anime fan to want to cop one of these for your next set of streetwear endeavors. Whether you're wandering through the city streets of New York or Tokyo at night, or traversing through urban garden landscapes, it's the perfect set of athleisure *ninja* wear that will help you take on torrential rains and chiming winds. While Naruto has long since ended, it’s obvious that its legendary battles and fight scenes have made a lasting impression on the talented action star. The line is currently running out faster than a max-speed Naruto Run, so catch the collection while you still can!


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