CAPE BY THE OCEAN: Virgin Voyages x Gareth Pugh Crew Uniforms
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Virgin Voyages
Black evening wear dress featuring a dramatic red cape
White T-shirt with a shoulder-draped black harness
Pillow-case tunic shirts with angular graphic
Asymmetric smock dress
Dress with angular boat neck, thick black straps in Virgin's signature red

All aboard Virgin Voyages! Well...maybe not everyone. You see, Sir Richard Branson’s brand new cruise line– aptly christened Scarlet Lady – will be sailing under the ethos of “No Kids. No Kidding”, meaning the kids will be staying at home this time around with the babysitter while the adults come out to play for a well-deserved break. And in keeping up with their all-new “adult-by-design” motto, the company has rightfully teamed up with eclectic designer Gareth Pugh and brainstormed some out-of-the-box crew uniforms designed for the 1,000-member staff. Featuring outfits ranging from British punk-inspired leather body-con evening wear, relaxed pillow-case tunic shirts, to a black dress with a dramatic red cape (talk about lifesavers!), the two-year project-in-the-making is geared out to make sure both your day and night duties come with an additional pinch of fully-fledged attitude. Take the red cape for instance: when it's not helping to wring out potential fires, or drying up potential wet spots (for which there will be many) on the ship, it's the perfect fulfilment to all your cosplay Superman fantasies. And unlike the overly formal uniforms that just look plain uncomfortable and way too hot to be in, Gareth Pugh plays to the adult theme and its grown-up practicalities by opting for a no-tie, no-waistcoat dresscode that will certainly make life on the 2-month journey much easier. Plus, Pugh has combined the design of the iconic red high-heel worn by Virgin Atlantic with Plae’s red Mulberry trainers. Besides being ultra-comfortable for the crew members frantically running around, the shoes also feature eco-friendly lining sourced from coffee grounds through sustainable technology and are manufactured in Plae’s fair labour factory using water-based glue and renewable materials wherever possible, as part of the cruise line’s commitment to sustainability. So anchors away, as Virgin Voyages prepares to set sail from Miami to the Caribbean seas on its maiden journey come spring 2020.


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