MICRO BAG HAS A NEW NAME: Fendi's Nano Baguette Bag
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Fendi
Fendi's nano baguette bags
Available now in Fendi stores and website
Nano baguette with brown fabric charm
Nano baguette with yellow leather charm
Nano baguette with white patent leather charm
Nano baguette with brown mink charm
Nano baguette with pink Cayman charm

As the micro bag trend has proven time and time again over the past year or so, big things do indeed come in small packages. It all started with Jacquemus' Le Pitchou and Le Petit Chiquito that bedazzled runways and confused average onlookers, for logical and justifiable reasons like: What are you supposed to fit in there? And come fall, where the autumn chill means you'll need a whole host of essentials like your lip balm, hand lotion and Kleenex, will the micro bag cut it? As a matter of fact, we expect the hype for return of the teeny tiny bag to be greater than ever, especially with the launch of Fendi's new Nano Baguette bag. While the miniaturised version of the Baguette, admittedly, won't fit your largest lotion in the house, it can certainly fit a hand lotion that is TSA-approved and won't cost you the airport security trouble. Besides, between considering the option of carrying an unnecessarily bulky bag that isn't just heavy but also obstructing the view of your fall-wardrobe staples, or a low-maintenance bag that does its job while also helping your fall apparel shine under the orange leaves, we'd opt for the latter. And thanks to some versatility in the form a detachable chain strap, as well as a clip and buckle placed on the back, your nano bag became the triple-threat that you wish your boyfriend could be (keep trying). Nevertheless, this bag proves that micro-bags isn't a one-season thing; In fact, it's only just getting started. Pass us the lip balm, will you?

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