AS SEXY AS HER MOVES: Dua Lipa x Pepe Jeans Capsule Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Pepe Jeans
Dua Lipa teamed up with London denim brand Pepe Jeans for her new collection
The capsule is '90s-inspired with everyone's '90s staples
The collection is available to shop online now
Dua Lipa x Pepe Jeans structured raw denim jumpsuit
Dua Lipa x Pepe Jeans chainmail dress in metallic silver
Dua Lipa x Pepe Jeans floor-length satin split dress
Dua Lipa x Pepe Jeans transparent bralette shirt
The Nineties and early Noughties have had something of a major resurgence in the fashion world. From teeny shoulder bags, oversized tailoring, straight-leg jeans and slimline sunglasses, one might almost think they entered a portal to the days when TLC still ruled red carpets, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were together, and Paul Rudd looking ...exactly like he does almost two decades later – incredible. So with nostalgia decidedly abound, English singer Dua Lipa is teaming up with London denim brand Pepe Jeans to launch a grunge London club-esque ‘90s capsule inspired by the Dot-com decade. Inspired by her childhood spent in London, where her mum would take her to the Pepe Jeans shop on Portobello Road, Dua Lipa has released a gritty collection of London ’90s staples in the form of chainmail tops, dresses and skirts, silky slips, tank tops as well as Pepe Jeans’ signature denim in the form of maxi dungaree dresses, barrel-leg jeans and corsets. And while all these are perfect for your next Friday night out, Lipa’s favourite is the metallic silver dress: short on the hems but long on the attention-grabber, the dress is the perfect versatile piece whether to your super glam-heels or even to your heavy-duty boots to beat the impending London gloom. Nevertheless, ’90s staples are here to stay.

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