Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Celine
Women's small cabas vertical Triomphe in tan-coated canvas
Women's large voyage bag in Triomphe canvas and tan calfskin
Women's small camera bag in Triomphe canvas and tan calfskin
Small drawtstring bag in Triomphe canvas and tan calfskin
Men's cabas vertical Triomphe in black-coated canvas
Men's medium backpack in Triomphe canvas and calfskin
Men's medium travel bag in Triomphe canvas and calfskin
The days of summer sun are dwindling, and it’s only human nature that we desperately cling on to the last vestiges of sun-kissed warmth seeking proper closure with one last tropical vacation to boot. So we say make it count, and make it count indeed with some accessories tailor-made for your vacation rotation: Thanks to French fashion house Celine, you’ll have the ideal range of artsy-travel bags and accessories with the launch of their Haute Maroquinerie line. Prominently showcasing the label’s Triomphe print – a reimagined logo of the house’s ’72 monogram by Hedi Slimane when he first came aboard the maison in 2018 – the Triomphe Canvas capsule carries all your vacation bag staples from shopper totes, voyage bags to drawstring bags to suit all your needs from beach resort settings to bustling street markets – it’s got you covered. And don’t ever worry about losing your bag either, not without missing the striking Celine logo plastered in white print across the bag, or a gold-tone lock engraved with the house’s moniker. The collection is available now at the label’s website as well as at select stores.

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