BACK-TO-SCHOOL COOL: Uniqlo x Engineered Garments Fleece Capsule Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Uniqlo and Engineered Garments
Uniqloand Engineered Garments have teamed up again for a fleece and outerwear capsule
The new collection features military-inspired styles, that are a trademark of Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki
Uniqlo x Engineered Garments fleece jacket in olive
Uniqlo x Engineered Garments fleece pullover in white
Uniqlo x Engineered Garments fleece pullover in brown
Uniqlo x Engineered Garments shawl collar jacket
Uniqlo x Engineered Garments collarless jacket
Why do Gen-Zers love Uniqlo so much? Besides being decently priced and carrying easy-to-pair basic essentials, it’s a comfort fit that isn’t too flashy but still gives you just the right amount of urban chic feel that masterfully personifies the Gen Z appeal. And for back-to-school fall season, Gen-Zers love the Japanese lifestyle brand precisely for this reason: Uniqlo is teaming up with New York-based apparel brand Engineered Garments once again - after just launching a polo-shirt capsule back in May - for a fleece and outerwear capsule that will keep you cosy in the autumn months while killing the high school style game. Featuring jackets, pullovers, as well as collarless coats and shawl collar jackets, the capsule is filled with military-inspired styles that are a signature trademark of Engineered Garments visionary, Daiki Suzuki. And besides looking like a hard-core fighter straight out of Ben Affleck’s character from Pearl Harbour, you’ll also have the functional warmth to beat the autumn chill thanks to a solid fusion of nylon and fleece material incorporated into all the outerwear. So for any aspiring cool high schooler, the second collaboration between Uniqlo and Engineered Garments is set to release in October 11 and in the US in early October.

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