RECAP: IWC Schaffhausen's Silver Spitfire Takeoff (Chichester)
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of IWC Schaffhausen
IWC Schaffhausen and the Boultbee Flight Academy celebrated the official start of the Silver Spitfire expedition in Goodwood
Rosamund Pike
Taron Egerton
Finn Cole
(From left) British pilots Boultbee Brooks and Matt Jones embarked on a journey spanning 43,000 kilometres and 30 countries
400 guests gathered on the Goodwood Estate for the big farewell party, entertained with live music and an air show
Rosamund Pike signing the aircraft prior to takeoff
The Silver Spitfire prepared to take the skies, accompanied by three two-seater Spitfires and the Royal Air Force

You witnessed the Spitfire MK IX aircraft in all its original glory during its campaign tour across Asia. And at long last, the much-anticipated Silver Spitfire has finally embarked on a 43,000 kilometre journey across 30 countries starting from West Sussex's Goodwood Aerodrome. To celebrate the iconic aircraft's legendary expedition, IWC Schaffhausen and the Boultbee Flight Academy  in collaboration with Aviation Adventures Limited hosted a massive party on the Goodwood Estate to bid the two British pilots, Boutbee Brooks and Matt Jones, farewell while providing them with some additional pre-flight snacks prior to take-off. With 400 guests gathered across the estate  including the likes of Rocketman's Taron Egerton, British actress Rosamund Pike, Peak Blinders' Finn Cole as well as former Formula OneTM star David Coulthard    guests were treated to a funfair atmosphere of live music, air shows and cocktails reminiscent of air shows back in the '20s. Celebrities were also given the opportuntiy to sign their names onto the Silver Spitfire to give the pilots some extra support and 'star power' to keep the jets running. So the long and arduous journey begins, with the route initially taking the aircraft to Iceland and from there to Canada and then to USA. A total of a staggering 100 flight segments from start to finish? Not a problem.


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