STAR TREKKING: Loewe's Winter Eye/Loewe/Nature Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Loewe
Eln water-repellant parka with generous side pockets and drawstring hood and appointed with pop button leather straps and leather puller on the zip
Eln Asym multicolour asymmetric T-shirt printed with 'Eye' insignia on the breast
Eye/Loewe/Nature convertible orange with five-sided top panel crafted from canvas with webbing annd calfskin details
Eye/Loewe/Nature gold tote crafted from canvas with webbing and calfskin details
Eye/Loewe/Nature multicolor tote stripes bag crafted from striped wool with webbing and calfskin details

The much-welcomed autumn breeze is coming soon so it’s just about time to start hitting the mountain tops for some fresh air and breathtaking views (with an artsy Instagram photo to boot). The only thing stopping you is a bad choice of hiking gear and a pair of worn-down kicks, which won’t be the case thanks to Loewe’s launch of their second Eye/Loewe/Nature collection, which features a range of technical menswear that will have you traversing landscapes like Free Solo daredevil Alex Hannold. Featuring waterproof parkas in vibrant hues, fleeces and knitwear made from recycled and organic cotton, tailored track bottoms, combat trousers as well as accessories including blue-sling sacs, hand-sewn tote bags and hiking boots, it’s the perfect array of mountaineering apparel that has Jonathan Anderson's sense of fashion as well as Bear Grylls' stamp of survival approval. Plus, for each item sold, the brand will shelling out €15 towards the fight against plastic pollution. That way, you'll be trekking those beautiful mountains while playing your part in keeping these natural terrains the way they are now. While it's not autumn just yet, the collection is available now via Loewe's website and select retailers.

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