THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM: Louis Vuitton x Alex Israel Textile Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Louis Vuitton
Silk desperado classic bandeau with a silk wave giant square
Silk, wool and cashmere wave blanket
Cashmere and silk sky backdrop monogram shawl, wave blanket and a silk wave 90 square
Silk desperado classic bandeau
Silk, wool and cashmere wave blanket

Like NBA draft prospects, most fashion collabs are often one-and-done (for better or for worse). But that is evidently not the case between fashion house Louis Vuitton and designer Alex Israel, with the two having taken a liking for one another by teaming up once again for the third time this year to launch a limited-edition eight-piece collection of textiles. Featuring various scarves, shawls, blankets and a bandeau, the co-branded collection comes shortly after Louis Vuitton recruited Israel to design the packaging artwork for its perfume line Les Colognes Perfumes and tapping him for a California-inspired take on its iconic Capucines bag. And similar to those collabs, you’ll see the textiles imprinted with the multimedia artist’s work, including Israel’s puffy Wave and cotton candy-coloured Sky artworks — that you’ll find at the Museum of Modern Art — infused with his signature pop aesthetic. This three-and-more team-up can be found at the pop-up store in the Louis Vuitton X exhibition in Los Angeles and available in select locations.

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