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MAKING SWEET MUSIC: Boucheron's Jack de Boucheron
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Boucheron
Jack de Boucheron collection is available as a necklace and bracelet
The clasp is inspired by the audio jack
A double bracelet in yellow gold with diamonds
Jack de Boucheron single wrap bracelet in yellow gold with diamonds
Jack de Boucheron long necklace in white gold
Jack de Boucheron triple tour necklace in yellow gold with diamonds
Music lovers, take note. There’s a new release in wearables that is cooler than your hype headphones. Boucheron’s creation of this necklace and bracelet, codenamed Jack, is inspired by audio cables. How? You know, that metal tip on the end of it that connects into a speaker? This same down-to-earth idea has been tapped as part of its clasp, fashioned in gold and embellished with diamonds. The best part is, attaching this rope-like jewellery onto your neck or wrist is already a move that you’re familiar with having touched base with earphones on a daily basis. And since we’re moving on to a wireless future, this aesthetic might just be one of the last few remaining cool examples that future generations will be fawning over how we once had to use audio jacks.


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