ROCK’N’ROLL: Gucci Introduces #GucciGig
Text by Austin Miao | Photo courtesy of Gucci

When it comes to Alessandro Michele’s designs for Gucci, more is more. This is no different for Michele’s latest endeavour for Gucci eyewear. #GucciGig aims to celebrate the world of rock’n’roll and individuality while spotlighting the backstage creative process in the music industry. He selected 12 musicians from all over the world to present their personal experience of live performance and give us a glimpse into the creative process that happens behind the scenes. Through fan art, videos, photos and gig flyers, we see the range of rock’n’roll inspired fits on display, ranging from oversized squared shapes adorned with pearl acetate, crystal paves as well as colourful leather details on full display. What’s more unique is that with the launch of #GucciGig, each musician from the campaign has released a custom playlist on Spotify with an unexpected theme, so keep an eye out for that.


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