BOTTOMS UP: Hennessy and Louis Vuitton Releases a Luxe Drinks Trunk
Text by Austin Miao | Photo courtesy of Hennessy

If you’re a cognac drinker and you’ve got an extra US$273,000 in the bank, why not get the Hennessy x Louis Vuitton drinks trunk? In celebrating the new Paradis Imperial cognac, the famed French cognac house has unveiled a new ultra-luxe trunk and crystal decanter set crafted in collaboration with LV and artist Arik Levy. The elevated drink trolley can hold four magnums of Paradis Impérial along with serving supplies for up to 18 people. The sleek crystal decanter crafted by Arik Levy holds 750ml and retails for US$3,000. LV also crafted a Nomad case that accompanies the trunk, that will set you back a cool US$84,000. If your home is in need of trunk set, it’s available now through pre-order while the decanter will be available at select retailers in May.

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