RED PILL BLUE PILL: Moschino x The Sims
Text by Justin Ng | Photo courtesy of Moschino
Moschino x Sims graphic T-shirts and jeans
Moschino x Sims cotton dress and lycra skirt
Poplin dress, sweat shirt and T-shirt jewels

Jumanji showed us what it’s like when Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson gets sucked into a game. Now, eclectic Moschino designer Jerry Scott shows us what it’s like to jump out of it with the launch of the brand’s eight-piece Pixel collection inspired by the virtual game Sims. Everyone’s pop-culture fantasy becomes reality in this new Sims-inspired capsule; From a swimsuit emblazoned in green Sim Plumbobs, a Freezer Bunny cellphone cover to a Uni Llama T-shirt, the line features Sims-esque pixelated designs resembling virtual-res graphics straight from the iconic ’00 game that will have people believing Elon Musk’s simulation theory. And, with the rise in ‘00s nostalgia, there’s no better way to express this than by the feel-good game that lets you kill all your characters with a single stairway removal next to the virtual pool. Ah, those were the days.

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