SKY WALKER: MCM's Himmel Sneaker
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of MCM
Himmel sneakers in white and orange
Himmel sneaker in white
Himmel sneaker in black
Himmel sneaker in red

While you won’t be levitating any time soon in Star Wars-esque fashion, you may as well be balancing on thin air thanks to MCM’s launch of its new Himmel sneaker. Made of a mix of suede, nappa and calf leather, you’ll be light on your feet with some extra breathing room to boot thanks to some timely comfort from the thinly knitted mesh lining. Plus, the force is strong with the chunky sneaker trend, so you may as well ride along with it in Himmel’s oversized silhouette, coming in colours of cloudy white, jet black and red. That way, you'll be gliding through your morning run, workplace fit and evening social in graceful ease.

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