LARGER THAN LIFE: Delvaux x Jean Colonna
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Delvaux
Brilliant L'xxl in camel

Opposites attract, they say. So we’re guessing the stars aligned when Belgium luxury-leather-goods label Delvaux decided to team up with Algerian-born, Paris-based designer Jean Colonna to launch a one-off collection – the extraordinarily oversized Brilliant L’xxl bag. While we’ve seen strange collabs take place, there may be none more so than these two; One is a near 200-year-old label, representing Belgium heritage and classicism, whilst the other is a biker iconoclast in active defiance of ‘90s Paris hauteur – despite Paris now looking very much like his vision 20 years ago.  And, the results are quite stunning, to say the least. The camel bag – revamped from Delvaux’s iconic Brillant bag – is constructed of Delvaux’s Dream leather, a delicately worked skin that is soft and natural to the touch and a process that takes more than two days to achieve. Whether you’ll be using it as your travel-size bag on your holiday to Paris, or packing up your summer gear on the way to the beach, the law of attraction works to full effect.

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