SHOT FOR SHOT: Louis Vuitton's New Wave Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Louis Vuitton
New Wave white chain bag
New Wave pink camera bag
New Wave black bumbag

Just like the much-anticipated return of Dior saddlebags that drove fashion influencers crazy, expect the same with Louis Vuitton's iconic Takashi Murakami multicolor monogram bag revamped as part of its New Wave collection. The first is the white chain bag, with a rainbow-tinted 'Vuitton' engraved on the handle overlying the signature gold LV logo. If you're looking for the optimal Instagram shot, look no further than your nearest beach, with the jet white bag blending seamlessly on a pristine bed of sand. Plus, you'll be able to fit your sunnies in for that chic look you were going for. And if a high quality shot is what you're looking for, the collection also has you covered with a pink camera bag that thoughtfuly fits DSLR-sized cameras, so you'll be able to capture optimal shots of your bag on-the-go with no problem. Quite metatheatrical if you think about it. And finally, a black fanny-pack styled bumbag that is perfect for any situation. Whether it's your mountain shot post-hike, beach shot post-tan or your street shot post-shop, the bag is accessible and versatile for all occasions. So go ahead, take the picture.

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