PRETTY IN PINK: Hunter's Nebula Rain Boots
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Hunter
Nebula rain boots in carousel orange
Nebula rain boots in wave blue
Nebula rain boots in wave blue

Hunter’s have become the official staple of festival footwear ever since Kate Moss rocked a pair of those black wellies back in 2005 in Glastonbury. So before Coachella comes around, make sure you’re prepared for the spring festivities yourself with Hunter’s new Nebula Wellies. If you’ve ever been to a springtime festival and experienced firsthand the terrors of a seasonal rain show as it transforms dance grounds into mud pits, then you know the importance of keeping a pair of wellies at all times. The treaded rubber soles, along with the comfortable polyester lining make it a rainy-day necessity. Plus, the pink iridescent finish pairs perfectly with your festival style M.O. Not a surprise then that the boot has already sold out on Free People.

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