FUTURE HYBRID: Qooder x Tod's No_Code Shoekers
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Tod's
Tod's No_Code Shoeker in black, white and red
Tod's No_Code Shoeker in black, white and red

Man's evolution continues to this day. By now, you've probably realised the rapid transitions between your morning workouts, your office meetings at work, your happy hour drinks with colleagues and maybe even another socialising/work event you have to attend for the night. Everything's inevitably become a hybrid mix of work and social life (you can thank the Facebooks, Googles and WeWorks for this) that has spawned a new set of generational needs for the average homosapien. Which is where Tod's No_Code collab with Qooder comes in. While the Qooder is all about hybridizing the urban technicalities of various vehicles, Tod's No_Code is all about hybridizing a person's way of life with the launch of their new hybrid shoe/sneaker titled the Shoeker. Created by Korean designer Yong Bae Seok, it's a fusion of street and smart designed to maximize our increasingly homogenised routines. That way, you don't have to worry about at least three different shoe options when one (literally) fits all. For your morning workout, the blend of synthetic EVA on the sole provides stability, while the GRE material around the sneaker provides shock absorption and ideal grip strength, especially if it's a round of morning tennis. And for your general work attire and evening cocktails, the uppers of the shoe, tailored with lightweight leather and neoprene, roots itself in Italian design that upholds tradition while still giving you high marks in the contemporary department. So like the countless generations of homosapiens that evolved before us, we should probably adapt to the times too.

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