BET BIG ON THE BOX: Cartier’s Guirlande de Cartier bag
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Cartier
The Guirlande de Cartier bag is inspired by Cartier's famed eight-sided box
Available in four shades of calfksin leather, including camel (not shown here)
The Guirlande de Cartier bag is available in three sizes
The Guirlande de Cartier bag is the go-to carrier for your everyday needs

Admit it, you have an unexplainable thing with boxes that even its contents can never quite live up to. Just recount all those times that you’ve forked out good money for something but spent even more time admiring every nook and cranny of the rectangular box that the star item came in. A diamond ring? The box looks real good too. A pair of heels? Best to keep the box too. We’ve all been there. The good news for your box fetish is that one of luxury’s most well-known labels (and boxes) is taking your fascination to a whole new level. The Guirlande de Cartier handbag is everything you love about boxes and more – in particular, Cartier’s iconic red box with its golden garland motif. It has taken the liberty to fashion a handbag inspired by its iconic red box that houses its watches and jewellery, even keeping the eight sides of the box as the main design hook of the bag along with the aforementioned gold garland design. Crafted from baby smooth calfskin leather, the handbag – which comes in three sizes and four leather hues – makes its case for being that easy-to-carry go-to for your day-to-day requirements. Just how helpful is this carrier? For the largest handbag, there is enough room to fit an iPad, a good book, a selfie stick, your daily skincare routine, and workout wear too. And just in case you need to check on your mascara, one of the two compartments within stores a gold-finished mirror that allows for a sneak beauty touch-up. And whoever said a box was just a box…

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