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IT WON'T BITE: Stephen Webster's Jitterbug Collection
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Stephen Webster
Jitterbug Cuckoo Bee Ring in yellow gold with white mother-of-pearl, quartz crystal haze, tsavorite garnet, tsavorite garnet, and spessartite garnets
Jitterbug Hematite Ring in white gold with hematite crystal haze, lilac enamel,white diamonds, ruby baguettes, and black spinel
Jitterbug Turqoise Ring in yellow gold with turquoise and quartz crystal haze, yellow enamel, white diamond baguette, citrine baguettes, and sapphire
Jitterbug Toro Beetle Enamel Ring in yellow gold with red garnet, green enamel, and white diamond pavé

You might freak out at the idea of wearing bugs on your fingers. But until you take a look at these versions by Stephen Webster, it might change your mind about creepy crawlies in general. Named Jitterbug, these bejewelled insectsare  fashioned after existing bugs such as the beetle, cuckoo bee, horse fly, just to name a few. Thanks to some creative license, Stephen Webster improved on their God-given tones through the use of semi-precious stones to elevate their look. From enamelled wings to baguette-cut sapphire bodies to round cabochon tsavorite garnet eyes, no liberty was taken to make these luxury versions of bugs look anywhere close to menacing. And who knows, you might even rid your fear of insects after wearing these.

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