RECAP: Bulgari's Wild Pop Collection Cocktail Party (Hong Kong)
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Bulgari
Lesley Chiang
Jessica Jann
Brian Chan
Laurinda Ho
Ashley Lam
Bulgari Showroom
Bulgari Showroom
Bulgari Showroom

'80s nostalgia is one thing, wild '80s is another. Bulgari hosted an extragavant '80s-inspired cocktail party, aptly titled Pop The Night, in the bustling city of Hong Kong to celebrate its new Wild Pop Collection. The novelties displayed, decorations, music, canapes and even the costumes of atttending guests exhibited the unique spirit of the decade. The venue of choice was the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel, which was lavishly decorated with a colorful diaspora of bright orange and baby pink to resonate with the vibrant pop art style prominent of the times. At the center of the showroom lay a pink Roman statue, surrounded by Bulgari's signature collections of rare gemstones, bold designs and fabulous craftsmanship. The bevvy of celebrities and artists including singer Lesley Chiang, actress Jessica Jann and actor Brian Chan were subsequently treated to a night of dynamic colors and spirited jewelry.

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