FRESH FACES: Burberry's TB Bag
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Burberry
TB Bag in brown
TB Bag in light camel
TB Bag in crimson
TB Bag in dark brown
TB Bag in powder blue

Burberry's freshly-inaugurated chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci has been keeping himself busy, what with designing a 134-look collection within a five month span and what not. And thanks to his tenacity, we've also been gifted his first bag for the British fashion house, the TB bag. Belt bags, the more stylish and serious cousin to the fanny pack, are back on trend and Tisci happily obliges. The small envelope-shaped TB bag can easily be strapped around your waist, perfect for a run in the park or even a stroll on the beach. If that’s not really your style, the leather bag comes in medium size and is perfectly suited to your millennial mood too: you can opt for the over-the-shoulder look for your chill shopping trips, or simply hold it as a clutch on your slightly more formal dinner dates. Either way, it’s definitely refreshing to switch it up so that you not only get to sport a different look from time to time, plus your arms don’t get too sore. The colour options are suited to all instances, ranging from classic blacks and brown. But if you want to get a bit more experimental, Tisci also gives us a splashy powder blue that will look dashing in the weekend sun. The parting touch is the iconic Thomas Burberry monogram in the form of a bespoke hardware clasp, designed by British art director Peter Saville. Inspired by the fashion house’s founder and a logo that he uncovered from 1908, it’s a breath of fresh air to see the old blend seamlessly with the new. If Tisci keeps this up, unfortunately for him, we’ll just be left wanting more.

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