WHEN EVERY DAY IS A LAZY DAY: Drew House by Justin Bieber
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Drew House
Mascot hoodie
Secret tee
Corduroy shorts
Mascot turtleneck tee
Corduroy shirt

It’s a no brainer that Justin Bieber gets plenty of freebies from labels trying to get him to front their wares. But if there’s one label that he is wearing plenty of these days, it would be his very own Drew House line. While not much was known about the line in 2018 except that their logo is a smiley face and the name takes inspiration from his middle name, Bieber can rest assure that its sure-fire success isn’t out of the question considering he has over 104 million followers on Instagram alone waiting to curry favour his every post. To test his level of pull, Drew House launched a pair of fluffy white bathroom slippers that you'd probably find as a freebie inside a hotel room closet. A pair cost US$5.99 and just like Bieber's bestie Post Malone's rendition of Crocs, they quickly sold out to the bemusement of fashion neutrals. Now, with the first full launch of Drew House right underway, fans can get hold of the clothing that he has been touting in public for a good part of the year. As expected, a line of streetwear takes precedence here, from tees to hoodies in shades of red, black, and orange along with the smiley face logo and fun-friendly font of his brand. While some might compare his line to that of Kanye West's Yeezy, it's still too early to judge Drew's blueprint of fashion just yet. And don't just think that you're buying into a house of cotton garbs; there is a series of corduroy items that are perhaps the biggest surprise of the lot. Shorts, shirts, and even a hoodie in camel hue is right up the alley in the comfort department. Like his caption of the corduroy hoodie states: "You could rock this bad boy for days. We dont recommend it, but you totally could." It's just about how we feel about Drew House.

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