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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Bulgari
(From left) Lvcea Tubogas in rose and white gold with mother-of-pearl and diamonds; and Lvcea Tubogas in steel
(From left) Lvcea Tubogas in steel; and Lvcea Tubogas in rose and white gold with mother-of-pearl
Lvceau Tubogas in rose gold with mother-of-pearl and diamonds

You’ve been crushing it in the career game and you’ve only clocked the first 12 months in the job. Good for you and your beast mode ways. Congratulatory gifts don’t buy themselves which is the reason you’ve been saving up on the commissions to reward your own hard work. Like the rest of the Wall Street boys, a wristwatch is often the go-to and you feel the same way too. But what you require shouldn’t empty your savings either so rule out those heavily complex wristwatches and shift them to your bucket list for the mean time. Your first decent wristwatch buy should say that you’ve done well but not to the extent that upper management questions your salary. This Lvcea Tubogas bracelet wristwatch fits the billing with its sleek bi-coloured build and sparkling diamond indexes. You’re slowly moving up the corporate ladder which means avoid the urge of getting a diamond bezel for now – you aren’t quite there yet. What you might like about the Lvcea Tubogas is its season-less and occasion-friendly nature. It’d cover you from boardroom to the ballroom and even to the beachside bar. It won’t steal the thunder from the rest of your outfit but it won’t look out of place either. This Lvcea Tubogas is your career wingwoman until the day you score that corner office and a well-deserved diamond bezel upgrade.

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