HIKING WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN: Loewe’s Eye/Loewe/Nature Backpacks
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Loewe
Each backpack is handsewn and manufactured in Japan
There is enough storage within for laptops and tablets
The baackpacks are available in a multitude of bright tones such as orange and blue
Special leather trims and patches highlight Loewe's expertise with the material
Each backpack is made of high-quality canvas which ensures durability

Just because you consider yourself an outdoorsy vet in the mould of Bear Grylls doesn’t mean that your hiking gear should look like something from a doomsday prepper’s tool shed, or in other words, depressively coloured and military-ready. Ask any fashion set about their hiking wares and theirs can be spotted from a mile away (for safety reasons we might add). After all, you favour colourful options is because you aren’t a so-called survivalist but one who’s looking to take pretty cool style snaps whilst on some picturesque hiking trail. So, when Loewe and talismanic creative director Jonathan Anderson released their fresh take on outdoorsy clothing in the form of the Eye/Loewe/Nature collection, it gave us new reasons to dump our casual hipster carriers for options that look like you put some thought into it. No expense is spared in the make of these carriers too; Loewe had these new high-grade canvas versions hand-sewn in Japan for more than a few reasons (expert craftsmanship, eye for detail). Don’t let its peacocking colours fool you that these aren’t made for laptops and tablets too. There is enough storage space along with proper cushioning, handles, and support to ensure that its contents (and your shoulders and back) are cared for. But even if you're the sort to manhandle your carriers, the canvas material is able to take some abuse without giving up like cheap nylon. And when you finally trade the real jungle for a concrete version, these fit in seamlessly with the vibes of your local hipster café.

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