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ONE LOOK IS ALL IT TAKES: Omega's Trésor Ladies Watch
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Omega
The Trésor Ladies Watch is available in 36mm or 39mm
The case is made in either steel or Sedna gold
The case back features a mirrored surface

You’ve just completed your first year as an employed citizen and contributing income member of the family. Congrats. Now comes the big question about how to spend that first bonus cheque. You can start paying off outstanding student loans but seriously where is the fun in that? If you were to shortlist any spur-of-the-moment moves you can make, buying a wristwatch probably ranks high (sure, a car is cool too but that’s probably out of the pay grade). May we suggest one that covers all the bases for a first-year employee? This debutant Trésor Ladies Watch from the Omega camp should get the oohs and aahs going your way from day to night. The elegance on hand here is discreet with its simple white dial punctuated by thin Roman numerals that spread out in a sunray pattern. But when it calls for attention especially when it comes to late night formal functions, the Trésor Ladies Watch doesn’t disappoint either. This cheery blue tone is just one of 10 available to match with your personal style and personality. The other design element that should score well with first impressions is the clever positioning of diamonds adorning the upper left and lower right bezel and lugs, highlighting the curves of this quartz-powered wristwatch. And just so you need a reality check, the closed case back comes with a mirrored finish for reflecting about one’s self-worth and natural charisma… or you know, check if you’ve got spinach in your teeth.



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