DRAWN TO THIS: Hugo Boss x Jeremyville
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss x Jeremyville shirt
Hugo Boss x Jeremyville leather backpack
Hugo Boss x Jeremyville leather pouch
Hugo Boss x Jeremyville sneaker
Hugo Boss x Jeremyville turtleneck sweater

It's that time of the year again when the ugly sweater urge is hard to shake off. Heck, you might already have bought a few for rotation already after the sale season is over. But rather than fall into the trappings of kitschy cartoony prints that won't see the light of day after those family get-togethers, consider this collection between Hugo Boss and Jeremyville that will see you dressed in their cutesy prints even beyond the festive period. You might have seen Jeremyville’s adorable and multicoloured characters on tees, stationery, skate decks, books, wooden sculptures, and even ceramic plates. Considered one of Australia’s most successful exports, the New York-based artist (whose real name is Jeremy Ville) has also worked with big brands such as Uniqlo, Converse, and Adidas to promote his style of whimsical modern art. Now, he has been commissioned by Hugo Boss for his most high fashion move to date – a capsule collection for the holidays that feature his original prints on bags, shoes, shirts, tees, jackets, and even smartphone covers. This time around, the characters featured are barnyard animals such as the pig, duck, and rabbit inside a Minecraft-like universe. Why you might be wearing this today? Because even you know clothes and bags don’t just come in blacks and greys.


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