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OUT ON THE TILES: Bulgari's Lvcea Mosaïque
Text by Kee | Homepage photo by Jeff Ip and others courtesy of Bulgari
Two versions are available, one in white gold and the other in pink gold
700 pieces of minui tiles are mirror-polished
The uneven layering of the tiles mimic similar aesthetics from Ancient Rome

You might not possess the courage now to fashion a part of your home décor in the eye-catching manner as this Ancient Rome-inspired dial made up of roughly 700 pieces of mirror-polished miniature gold squares. But this self-winding wristwatch by Bulgari, first launched in 2017, will change your mind. Two days of labour by a trained pair of eyes and hands go into laying out piece by piece of this unevenly perfect pattern that reflects light with the very best of intentions, including the backing of stunning diamonds on the bezel and hour indexes. The look grows on you, and after this, you might be making a mental note on future reno ideas.

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