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BATTERY LIFE: The Electricianz's The Ammeter
Text by Kee | Homepage photo by Jeff Ip and others courtesy of The Electricianz
The in-house modifed movement is based on the Miyota 2033
The 45mm steel case is coated in nylon
Four LED backlight showcases a neat halo on the dial

For whatever preconceived notions you have about battery-operated wristwatches; this just might banish any ill feelings you have towards them for good. Designed to appear like an ingenious behind-the-scenes look at an assembly of a quartz-powered wristwatch, this open-worked construction showcases the electromagnetic coil, wires, and even its battery on full display (there are over 50 pieces here). The Ammeter, as it is named, isn’t designed to satisfy those with a stick up their arse; although it should not stop you from geeking out on its engineering like you would with a pair of self-lacing Back to the Future Nike shoes either. As the pioneer showpiece for the watchmaker with the wrestler ring name, The Electricianz, this wristwatch has all the makings for a Friday to Sunday wear (or when you decide to live a little). First of all, the neon yellow 45mm nylon-coated steel case will go with your hypebeast-level streetwear taste, and if you’re taking it to the office for a round of show-and-tell, it should accomplish its mission of getting you some watercooler talk time. Secondly, if the party monster-night owl in you requires some flashy accessory to distract from the shabby dance moves, the four LED backlight on the hour ring ensures you’ve got a glow stick perpetually strapped onto your wrist. Last but not least, at a retail price of just over US$400 it won't hurt for you to try something for a change. After all, Apple got you to foot for another smartwatch at roughly the same damage too – and truth be told we don't know too many who owns The Ammeter.

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