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ROCK. PAPER. FLOWERS.: Tiffany & Co.'s Paper Flowers Collection

(From left) Tiffany Paper Flowers cluster bracelet, earrings, and necklace in platinum with diamonds (Tiffany & Co.)
(From left) Tiffany Paper Flowers firefly ring in platinum with a yellow diamond and diamonds; Tiffany Paper Flowers cluster ring in platinum with diamonds; Tiffany Paper Flowers flower ring in platinum with diamonds and tanzanite; Tiffany Paper Flowers flower earrings in platinum with diamonds; and Tiffany Paper Flowers open flower earrings in platinum with diamonds (Tiffany & Co.)
Tiffany Paper Flowers cluster necklace in platinum with diamonds (Tiffany & Co.)
(From left) Tiffany Paper Flowers bracelet, earrings, and necklace in platinum with tanzanite and diamonds (Tiffany & Co.)

A creative dialogue of contrasts and storytelling, in which nature meets femininity meets industrial modernity. Inspired by flower petals cut from paper, the Tiffany Paper Flowers collection is the long-awaited debut of chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff.


Photography: Jeff Ip
Art Direction: Kee


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