RECAP: Omega's Iconic Ladies Evening (Shanghai)
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Omega
(From left) Liu Shishi, Nicole Kidman, Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann, Cindy Crawford, and Alessandra Ambrosio
Praya Lundberg
The dinner venue featured elements of the city of Manhattan such as skyline-like decor and spotlights
A live choir delivered a stirring soundtrack for the evening
An aerial performance was part of the night's entertainment
Stephen Ridley played his heart out on the piano

It has never been attempted before in the history of Omega: a gathering in Shanghai (or anywhere for that matter) of four exceptional women in the fields of acting, modelling, and entertainment. The mix between longtime ambassadors (Nicole Kidman and Cindy Crawford) and newbies (Alessandro Ambrosio and Liu Shishi) showcased the type of committment and long-term vision that Omega have in spades, which have been long showcased in their wares and watchmaking. But such a special evening not only celebrated the iconic Constellation wristwatch based on the 1982 Manhattan model that started this timeless design profile for the Swiss watchmaker; they stacked an astounding 101 more additions for today's leading women to consider as part of their future outfit choices. Each Constellation wristwatch comes in three sizes and features no less than eight improvements on the design and function, creating a more streamlined timekeeper that caters to the demands of today's independent elite and even the fickle-minded. As much as the wristwatch was the main reason for this gathering, the event held at the Expo I-Pavilion arguably belonged to the four iconic women headlining the launch, which CEO Raynald Aeschlimann reminded everyone prior "not to forget about me." And though we hate to admit it, that warning was soon forgotten about when Kidman's, Crawford's, Ambrosio's, and Liu's silhouettes appeared on stage to tease their official arrival into the venue that boasted gold dusted carpet floors, gold-finished dinner ware and furnishings along with white skyscraper-like décor.


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