RECAP: Bally's Shok-1 Capsule Collection Launch (Hong Kong)
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Bally
Artem Ansheles and Leander Lau
Elaine Tang
Taylor R.
Utah Lee
DJ Booth

Fresh from their wildly successful worldwide launch in Tokyo, Bally brought their sophomore launch party to Hong Kong to celebrate their Swizz Beatz-curated capsule collection collab with British street art legend Shok-1. At the heart of the collection worth celebrating is Shok-1’s signature X-ray street art translated onto streetwear faves like hoodies, backpacks, and sneakers. Shok-1 personally chose three of his most iconic designs for the project – the devil of horns hand gesture, a fly, and The Consumer, which were all images inspired by the counterculture from his youth. Held in Bally's outpost in Tsim Sha Tsui, the event drew a crowd of trendsetters hoping to meet the street icon in the flesh alongside the brand's CEO Frédéric de Narp.

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