RECAP: Zenith’s “Evolution of Time” Exhibition (Hong Kong)
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Zenith
A strong turn-out for Eason Chan at Zenith's exhibition in Hong Kong
Eason Chan
(Fron left): Bonnie Law, Julien Tornare, Eason Chan, and Stan Lee
Zenith CEO Julien Tornare
Zenith's latest timekeeping innovations were on display

The so-called Golden Week in China brought an influx of visitors from the mainland to Hong Kong at the start of October. It was during this holiday period that Swiss watchmaker Zenith took advantage of the increase in foot traffic at the Ocean Terminal mall in Tsim Sha Tsui to launch their exhibition, Evolution of Time. Before the kick-off of the exhibition, it was difficult to gauge if the shopping mall was packed due to the Golden Week or if throngs of visitors surrounding the main atrium were there to catch a glimpse of Zenith’s global ambassador Eason Chan. It’s fair to say that the turn-out for the 44-year-old Hong Kong singer-actor matched the hype of the exhibition and the Swiss-made wares on show. Not shabby for a brand that just turned 153 years old.


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