WORTH TRAVELLING FOR: Montblanc's #My4810 Trolley Collection
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Montblanc
#MY4810 is Montblanc's debut luggage collection
#MY4810 is Montblanc's debut luggage collection
#MY4810 is Montblanc's debut luggage collection
#MY4810 is Montblanc's debut luggage collection

Not all luggage are created equal. Not all of them come in silver aluminium too. But what’s perhaps the most surprising thing is that you don’t always have to purchase them from a travel goods store. A case in point: Montblanc. These guys have been making some of the best fountain pens for ages. Heck, if you know anything about writing to begin with, you'd probably acknowledge that they are arguably the best in the biz in putting ink on paper in the most stylish way possible. Now, they’re making a fresh pursuit in their offerings to frequent fliers with potential million-dollar contracts in their leather briefcases. Introducing their debut five-piece trolley luggage lined dubbed the social media-friendly #MY4810. The obvious blacked-out outfit fits the brand’s love for the monochromatic and although the lightweight polycarbonate body is also expected, there is an element of surprise here such as the 360-degree turning wheels using Japanese ball bearings that allow for smooth turns on most surfaces and the German telescopic handle for various settings of the handle’s height so as to find that sweet spot when wheeling your precious cargo. Oh, and they make for great resting stools too.



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