The short film is entitled, "A Larry Clark Project / Paris Session"
Dior Homme sneakes from spring 2017
It features a cast of skater kids and Dior Homme models
Dior Homme sneakes from spring 2017
Larry Clark's signature rapid-fire sequences and bold editing are prominent parts of this film
Dior Homme sneakes from spring 2017
The film is a reminder of Larry Clark's 'Smell of Us' (2014)
SKATER BOYS: Dior Homme's Larry Clark Project
Photos courtesy of Dior Homme

Before YouTube, Netflix, or social media, there were skate parks. Open spaces in big cities where guys would socialise on skateboards – not over their phones. And in these parks originated all the streetwear you’re probably wearing now. Fastforward a decade: These parks have been built over, abandoned, and their skater residents lost to smartphones. But despite all this, we somehow managed to salvage skate-park style, even if not in its original context. It’s why artist Larry Clark and Dior Homme director Kris van Assche brought the origins of streetwear back to our consciousness through A Larry Clark Project / Paris Session. Skateboard practitioners were returned to the urban landscapes of Paris, from city sidewalks, to the Seine, to the ramparts of the Paris Museum of Modern Art, so that they could hop back on their boards in Dior Homme’s cruise collection of sneakers. Each state-of-the-art shoe is embellished with some form of artistic rebellion; like metallics, glitter, or paint splashes. They’re fancy, but in a way that you start to appreciate city landscapes and skate culture a little bit more. The irony between being squeezed-in by colossal buildings and the freedom of wearing whatever you want on your feet is what gives Clark and van Assche’s project its poetry: A reflection of our modern lives.