Intrecciato motif
The Knot
The Veneta
The Cabat
Tomas Maier
SAVE THE DATE: Bottega Veneta’s “Behind the Intrecciato” Installation (Hong Kong)
Text by Sohee Kim | Photos courtesy of Bottega Veneta

It’s been confirmed that Bottega Veneta’s “Behind the Intrecciato” installation will take place at Landmark Atrium in Hong Kong from October 22 to 30, which means getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the Italian marque crafts your fave totes and clutches. This global exhibition, which kickstarted in Dubai, marks one of the most important milestones for the brand as it is the 50th year of its founding and the 15th anniversary of Tomas Maier’s role as their creative director. The exhibition will be also be highlighting some of the brand’s signature pieces (Veneta, Cabat and Knot) as well as the making of its trademark intrecciato motif.