Name: Lucas Loyola
Agency: Elite Milano, Re:Quest New York, Way Model Sao Paulo
Instagram: @Lucas_Loyola


Tell us about your background and how you were discovered (to be a model). It was really funny how it all started. Before modelling I was playing volleyball at one of my regular afternoon, then I stopped by the supermarket to buy some fruits. I was found by a modelling agent at the supermarket – he introduced himself and asked me a few questions. After that I started working as a model, and so far, I have had many experiences. (It all started in the supermarket!)


What are you up to these days besides modelling? At the moment I only work as a model.


Your hobbies? I try to do a bit of everything. Ping Pong, tennis, swimming, cycling, gym, dance (all kinds of dance), rowing, and volleyball.


What do you enjoy the most about being a model? Generally, it is good to be a model. I do not know which part of my job I like most.


What made you want to give modelling a try? Life is a continuous succession of opportunities. And so I chose this career to continue having opportunities and grow as a person.


What is the downside of modelling? Negative people.


What would you be doing if weren't modelling? I have many options. I could be studying psychology, engineering, biology, dentistry, or veterinary.


Your best modelling experience thus far? Now would be my best experience thus far. I feel satisfied with my currrent situation but of course I'm always looking for more.


Favourite shows? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martin, (and shows on) Discovery Channel


Your idol? My family


Tell us about your personality? I'm a quiet guy, always positive, and hardly anything shakes me.


What's your style? Despite being new, I'm a guy of old, like the elegant but I'm always open to new styles... and streetwear. I really like oversized shirts with skinny jeans, not too tight but neat and clean and a nice pair of high tops.


What are the top five songs from your current music playlist? These aren't just my favourites, but they mark important moments in my life: Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony; Surround Me With Your Love by 3-11 Porter; Who's lovin' You by The Jackson 5; I Got You by James Brown; and You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson.


Any guilty pleasures? It is the first time I've been asked this question, but I do not have any guilty pleasures.


Three cities / countries that you want to visit? Gouveia in Brazil. I think that would be the city I would like to go; the other places I leave it to my work schedule to take me there.


Your life motto? Do not doubt the value of life, peace, love, joy of living, in short, everything that makes life flourish. But doubt all the compromises. Control doubt, misery, anxiety, selfishness, intolerance and irritability and the effects they have on you.