MASTERS MAN: What We Can Learn from Danny Willett’s Sunday Golfing Outfit
by Rachel Haslam

While golf clothing ceases to be as cool as it was in, say, the ‘60s (see: Arnold Palmer 1966), there are still styling points to nail in order to set yourself apart from the too-rich-to-give-a-damn country club dawdlers whose pants and polo shirts tend to flail sloppily in the wind. Unlike it was in the last century, golf is now a sport that requires a hefty amount of gym-time in order to catch up to the driving distance of the sport’s top individuals like Jason Day (average 300 yards), Rory McIlroy (average 309 yards), and Jordan Spieth (average 290 yards); which means less excuses can be given when attempting to cut a strapping silhouette these days.  After all, the muscled buns and guns we witness on the golf course are looking better than ever. Having said that, yesterday’s 2016 Masters winner, Danny Willett, demonstrated the perfect example of suave golf attiring. His polo shirt sleeves – rather than being cut at the elbow – were hemmed mid-bicep, giving the fruits of his 6-day-a-week weightlifting labour the attention it deserved. Similarly, his slim-fit white slacks added an extra few centimetres to his 5 ft, 11 inch frame, didn’t gather grossly at the crotch as he was taking strides or twisting aggressively in the tee boxes, and although fitted, allowed for ease-of-squatting when he’d have to analyse the speed and gradient of the greens. Best of all was his matching white pullover that, while broadening his shoulders, made room for some impressive swing follow-throughs without billowing at the bottom. It’s something to keep in mind before going out in a floppy polo reminiscent of the god-awful thing Spaulding was sporting in Caddyshack or baggy trousers that flare at the boots.