Speedmaster White Side of the Moon
Speedmaster White Side of the Moon
WHITE HOT: Omega's Speedmaster White Side of the Moon
by Kee | Photo by Jeff Ip

Let’s be honest, an all-white wristwatch is unlike a basic white shirt you can toss on and head to the office from Mondays to Fridays and not have the higher ups question if you’re having weekend clubbing withdrawals. It doesn’t match your dapper suit, and it sure as hell doesn’t go well with the white cuff shirts either (trust us, white-on-white-on-white is just an overkill). So why is this colourway on wristwatches as on-point now as a pair of white sneakers, even though the occasions to wear one is limited to a Casual Friday at best? Well, because if you understand style then this is a trend that has been conquering the streetwear circuit for as long as sweatpants earned its rank as a wardrobe consideration for a night out. Though it would never earn the approval of a Wall Street-type dresser, the all-white wristwatch is everything its naysayers aren’t – fun. This is the same consideration as to why Omega’s latest version of the iconic Speedmaster – also known as the professional wristwatch “selected by astronauts, tested by NASA and worn on the moon” – flaunts its purest and most on-trend version since debuting in 1957. Christened as the White Side of the Moon to form a handsome trio with prior releases (Dark Side of the Moon and Grey Side of the Moon), this ceramic-forged rule breaker might just be the most rebellious and talked about of the bunch.