BUTTERY SMOOTH: C de Cartier Bags
by Rachel Haslam

Sometimes when we’ve got money to spend, it’s not always the most extravagant, gold-splashed, jewel-drunk kind of bag that’s first on our indulgence list. If we’re even going to think about tossing that sort of money away, we want something we’re actually going to carry. It is easy to forget that luxury can also pertain to how a bag is made, how subdued it is to wear, and how, if it is basic, it can still make any outfit pop. The C de Cartier bags are the glaring winners if we’re going to make a reference here because – without being too cheesy – they play on the tagline less is more better than most. They give us the feeling of being able to do whatever we want, no holds barred – freedom to dress up without fretting over the finishing touch because they’ll just fit in right alongside. If your feet start to give in halfway through the day, toss your heels inside. They’ll fit. Or if you were making a week’s trip to Europe, make sure to pack in your Kindle, vanity bag, and cardigan because plane air-conditioning gets a little cold sometimes. They’re as roomy as can be, and won’t be cramping your style even if you fill them to the brim because they were made with adaptability in mind after all.