OLD IS THE NEW NEW: Louis Vuitton’s Peony Honey Tortoise Sunglasses
by Rachel Haslam

Is the newest, latest, or next big thing what this industry still thrives upon? Judging by spring-summer 2015’s nostalgic wander through the archives, we’d say probably not. So here’s another blast from the past for you (that’s if you haven’t already gotten your fill this season, what with crop tops, mom jeans, and tablecloth prints making a comeback and all): Louis Vuitton’s Peony Honey Tortoise Cat-Eye shades declare that fashion’s yen for things passed is still going strong. But they’re in no way outdated either. They’re the sort of frames that’ll engender comments like oh my gosh, where did you find a pair like those? Only to be followed by one simple answer: why, at Louis Vuitton of course. Because you see, the French malletiers have so effectively found the equilibrium between avant-garde and classic; new and old; recognisable and unheard of – able to provoke a sense of nostalgia of whose origin you can’t quite pinpoint. They’re the timeless Cat-Eye frames we’ve always dreamed of:  flattering on every face, better than your grandma’s, and ever evocative of Holywood starlet quality. And it’s just that that makes the shades stand out: a sense of newness in something so ‘50s. By that token, you’ll be sure to avoid the undesirable situation of owning a pair that looks like everyone else’s. What you’ve always wanted, no? Though if you’re still consumed by that niggling thought of having to fumble through your drawers in search of an outfit that matches, we assure you that you won’t have to, owing to the shades’ neutral gradations that are a nod to the house colours: warm honey, tortoiseshell, peony. For what it’s worth, they get our vote for the summer.