CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON: Delvaux's The Gladiator Bag
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Delvaux
The Gladiator
The Gladiator

When you think of warriors, you instantly picture a scene from 300, where the Spartans prepare for battle against the Persians, clad in plates of armour charging towards the enemy front. Warrior women? You may think of the Amazonians from Wonder Woman, engaged in sparring sessions across the Island, with their lean, cut shoulders and sweat glistening along their beautifully crafted abs. But we're talking about the warrior women of today, who are just as fierce in the profession of their choosing. And for them, The Gladiator by Delvaux would be the bold weapon of choice, the one that will give you the upper hand in work... and in life. With The Gladiator, expect to score an advantage in the first impressions department. What is instantly striking is its transparent look: crafted out of vinyl modules, it allows full transparency into the contents of your bag under tints of emerald green. That's why it ends up being the perfect statement bag: you've got nothing to hide, and certainly nothing to fear as strut your way down into your corner office. On The Gladiator's exterior are scales consisting of two colours, antique silver and gold, spread across its three-dimensional shape that would go well with just about any of your girl boss attire. A look at The Gladiator's base and you'll see notice conical studs lined up squarely against its base. It's a sign that The Gladiator is not to be messed with, and neither are you.

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