RISE AND SHINE: Lanvin’s Rucksack
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Of all the things we’re afraid to do, standing out might be the one that requires more than the words just do it to get right. It can be overdone. It can be misunderstood. It can also sometimes be uncomfortable. But with the right dose of flash, it’ll be nothing more than duck soup when push comes to shove. Instead of spending the precious minutes between getting out of bed and leaving the house molding your hair into wacky shapes, choosing between the neon yellow shirt and the electric blue one, or trying on the various pairs of metallic trousers you have to see which fits best, the answer to standing out (without it becoming a negative endeavour) lies in your choice of backpack. With that, Lanvin’s spring rucksack offering will fix you right up by letting everyone know of your presence immediately. As an added bonus, throwing one on and walking out the door will merely require a smidge of thought because there’s little a zebra, colourful camo, or marbled print can’t do to brighten up whatever look you’re going for today.

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